Drugs: Source

Hey guys!! This is the first time I’m writing. I wanted to do this a long time ago but I didn’t have enough time. Now, here we are.

So today’s topic is drugs and violent behaviour.

Drugs doesn’t only affect your health. It annihilates the lives of your loved ones too.

Drugs is such a short word but its impact is huge. I agree that when you take it, you feel like you are in heaven or you feel happy or it helps you escape from the harsh treatment that you get at home or school. However, all that glitters is not gold. The consequences are detrimental.

Friends are important but it depends on which type of friend. The urge to become a part of group of friends may be the source if the problem. They force you to take drugs in order to become friends with them and you do it. The reason is you try to find affection from them if you cannot find it from your loved ones.

Some parents think that by giving birth to a child, they become a parent. Becoming a parent is no easy task as some may assume. A child learns from what he sees around him. The type of environment that he is living in matters as it defines him. The way that parents talk, their language, their behaviour, the child talks and behaves in the same way. He sees his parents beating up his grandparents, insulting them, he will do the same to them one day. You cannot blame him. It is what it is. And that’s how bandits are born.

Drugs is not easy to let go. There are treatments for that. People treat drug takers like garbage and we have to change that. They must be treated with love and care. Punishment must be given to the drug dealers who sell drugs to innocent children and adults. I agree that in the first place, you shouldn’t have bought that but outsiders cannot understand your state of mind. It is your responsibility to expose the drug dealer and get good riddance of drug addiction. In this way, you will not only amend your life but also the lives of others who have been trying so hard to be okay for once.

Quitting drugs is treacherous. It may even instigate violence if you stop taking them. On the other side of the door, if you take them, you are walking on a path, leading you straight to the life of death, hell.